• Host a screening of the film for your community, with director Brent E. Huffman joining in person or by Skype.

  • Sign the petition asking Afghan Presiden Ashraf Ghani and others to preserve the site. Once you've signed, make sure to share it with your networks by social media and email. 

  • Write letters to President Ghani and other Afghan officials expressing your support for preserving Mes Aynak.

  • Contact your local U.S. & Afghan embassies to let them know that you support the protection and preservation of Mes Aynak.

  • Contact your country's UNESCO office and tell them why you think they should fight to make Mes Aynak a world heritage site.

  • Take to social media! Follow us on both Facebook and Twitter and post with the hashtag #SaveMesAynak. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook give us the ability to reach people around the world — we can challenge beliefs, change opinions, and connect with others to create a real and impactful movement. 

  • Help us translate our film into as many languages as possible, so we can reach a wider audience.

  • Please share your ideas of ways to help via, or through the contact form on our website

  • Notify your local press about the importance of Mes Aynak and Saving Mes Aynak.

  • Inform your friends, family, and social networks about Saving Mes Aynak and how to help.

Now is your chance get involved and #SaveMesAynak!

Sign the Petition

Prevent destruction of ancient site of Mes Aynak and the environmental damage

Sign the petition to save the ancient Buddhist city of Mes Aynak (Logar, Afghanistan) from needless destruction while preventing irreversible environmental harm to Kabul watershed and the Afghan people.