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To show your appreciation for all of the work Qadir and his team of archaeologists have done, send him a note that expresses your gratitude. We will get your letters to Qadir and display some of them on our website here.

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Dear Qadir,

I just wanted to say thank you for your work in saving such a treasure. I envision a day when many tourists will come to Afghanistan from all over the world to visit such sites and artifacts. I do hope the MCC project goes somewhere else. Thank you for being so caring and involved in Saving Mes Aynak. If everyone on Earth had your heart and determination, the world would be a much better place.


Neal, San Diego, CA

Dearest Qadir and family

After watching Save Mes Aynak today, I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for all the sacrifices you and your family, friends and colleagues have done in order to save Mes Aynak.

Please know you have a lot of supporters around the world, and I'm confident with all of us rallying our governments, we will be able to make a difference.

The movie touched me greatly, and you should consider yourself a hero.

I hope that by reading all the letters sent to you will give you hope when all hope seems to be lost.

Although we all may have different beliefs and cultures that make this earth such a wonderful place - we must remember - We are all children of God, and must respect ourselves and our environment.

With all our admiration and support,
Munn family from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dear Qadir,

I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in excavating Mes Aynak. I want you to know that you have people supporting you. My dad is from Kandahar but I am from the US. I hope to someday see my family's homeland and to see Mes Aynak excavated, restored and protected. As a conservator, it is especially important to me. Again, thank you for everything. May you, your colleagues, friends, and family be safe.

Kind Regards,


Thank you for all the passion that you use in this fight, Italy is with you, stay strong.


Dear Qadir,

Your work in Afghanistan is of great importance. Recently I had the pleasure of returning from Belize where I had the pleasure of admiring numerous examples of the preservation of the Mayan ancient civilization. I wish you much success and I support your efforts and accomplishments!

All the best,
Ken Baldwin

Dear Qadir,

I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude and support for all that you do to protect Mes Aynak and the other sites that represent your cultural heritage. When I watched the film and saw your father’s face - his pride at your accomplishments, and his concern for your safety and well-being - I felt the depth of your commitment in my heart and it moved me. Without the work and actions of individuals like you, a piece or our humanity might be lost. Please know that your actions matter. From half a world away, here in Denver, Colorado, USA, I want you to know that I am inspired by your courage and leadership. I will do what I can to support your efforts to protect Mes Aynak and all the historical and cultural beauty Afghanistan has to offer.

With respect,

Jennifer Sarche

Dear Qadir:

I admire your courage and your strong organizational skills. I have seen the film about Mes Aynak and I hope you succeed in deterring the Chinese and Afghanistan governments. 
I only wish someone had managed to protect the people of Tibet as well.

I find it very interesting that you have found so many Buddhist statues etc.

Thank-you for your fierce dedication to humanity.

Stephanie Daniels