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To show your appreciation for all of the work Qadir and his team of archaeologists have done, send him a note that expresses your gratitude. We will get your letters to Qadir and display some of them on our website here.

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Dear Qadir, 
I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in excavating Mes Aynak. I want you to know that you have people supporting you. My dad is from Kandahar but I am from the US. I hope to someday see my family's homeland and to see Mes Aynak excavated, restored and protected. As a conservator, it is especially important to me. Again, thank you for everything. May you, your colleagues, friends, and family be safe. 
Kind Regards,

Dear Qadir,
I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude and support for all that you do to protect Mes Aynak and the other sites that represent your cultural heritage. When I watched the film and saw your father’s face - his pride at your accomplishments, and his concern for your safety and well-being - I felt the depth of your commitment in my heart and it moved me. Without the work and actions of individuals like you, a piece or our humanity might be lost. Please know that your actions matter. From half a world away, here in Denver, Colorado, USA, I want you to know that I am inspired by your courage and leadership. I will do what I can to support your efforts to protect Mes Aynak and all the historical and cultural beauty Afghanistan has to offer.
With respect,
Jennifer Sarche

Dear Qadir:

I admire your courage and your strong organizational skills. I have seen the film about Mes Aynak and I hope you succeed in deterring the Chinese and Afghanistan governments. 
I only wish someone had managed to protect the people of Tibet as well.

I find it very interesting that you have found so many Buddhist statues etc.

Thank-you for your fierce dedication to humanity.

Stephanie Daniels