Brent Huffman and Saving Mes Aynak in the Huffington Post!

Director Brent Huffman wrote a powerful  editorial piece for the Huffington Post on our global fight to save Mes Aynak from destruction: 

"25 miles southeast of Kabul, Afghanistan near the border with modern-day Pakistan rests an ancient Buddhist city. This ancient city - named Mes Aynak, or "little copper well" - was once at the heart of the bustling Silk Road, the revolutionary trade route that tied together China, India, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Buddhists from all over Asia made pilgrimages to worship at Mes Aynak, and for thousands of years, it flourished as one of the most important cities in the region. As its importance waned through the centuries, it was slowly abandoned and eventually, this once mighty city was forgotten, its history lost to the sands of time...." CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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