The Saving Mes Aynak Official Trailer!

We are proud to bring you the official trailer for Saving Mes Aynak! Thank you all for your incredible support; without you, this trailer would not be possible. Please join us in watching the film on July 1 - #SaveMesAynak Day - by supporting our effort through Indiegogo (donate by June 26th, 2015). Help us bring Saving Mes Aynak around the world, and mount an ambition campaign to halt Mes Aynak's Destruction and preserve it for future generations:


The award-winning Saving Mes Aynak follows archaeologist Qadir Temori as he races against time to save a 5,000-year-old Buddhist archeological site in Afghanistan from imminent demolition by a Chinese State-owned mining company, who plan to destroy Mes Aynak to mine for $100 billion worth of copper.

Saving Mes Aynak, from Kartemquin Films, the producers of Life Itself and The Interrupters, examines the conflict between cultural preservation and economic opportunity, through the lens of the Afghan archaeologists and local villagers who live and work near Mes Aynak. Called, "a doc of crucial immediacy... advocacy filmmaking at its best and most chilling," by Indiewire, Saving Mes Aynak is both a powerful and moving film, and an inspiring call to action.