Saving mes aynak Selected to Master of Art Film Festival in Bulgaria and more!

We are excited to announce that Saving Mes Aynak will be screening at the Master of Art Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. Master of Art is the first international Film Festival on the Balkans for art documentaries. 

Saving Mes Aynak will also be in Sweden in April 20 at the National Museum of World Culture in Göteborg alongside an exhibition highlighting contemporary Afghan artists. 

Through October 17 and 23, Saving Mes Aynak will participate in the 10th International Meeting of Archaeological Films (AGON). 

 Saving Mes Aynak continues to run on European TV. The film was featured on French TV on Histoire (HD1) on March 29. KLASIK TV in Croatia will air Saving Mes Ayank later in 2016 as well. 

We are grateful for the film's continued successful run in Europe. This is all thanks to your support!