Sold out screening in Hong Kong, TV broadcast in Japan and more!

We had a sold-out screening in Hong Kong with Buddhistdoor and Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong - a perfect culmination of April for Saving Mes Aynak!

The 200-plus-seat Rayson Huang Theatre was packed with enthusiastic audience, who attended Skype Q&A with the director, Brent E. Huffman.


Saving Mes Aynak was also featured on NHK, a premier broadcasting station in Japan. In celebration of Buddha Day on May 1st, NHK highlighted director Huffman's work with Saving Mes Aynak.

If you are interested in organizing local screenings or broadcasts through the month of May in celebration of the Buddha Day, please contact us.

Saving Mes Aynak will be re-broadcast worldwide on Al Jazeera English in June. Stay tuned!