This week: SMA plays in Stockach, Germany for Afghan refugees

Pic: Front page of the Refugee Help site of Stockach:

Pic: Front page of the Refugee Help site of Stockach:

"Saving Mes Aynak" is screening to the townspeople of Stockach on May 26th. Stockach is near Lake Constance, south of Germany, not far from the Swiss border. It is a small town of 10,000 residents and a host to various refugees from the Middle East, including the two Afghan refugees who will be attending and speaking at the screening about their experiences. 

The screening was organized by Charlotte Blank, who volunteered her time and efforts to translate "Saving Mes Aynak" into German. Through her fellow volunteers who teach German to Afghan refugees in Stockach, Charlotte managed to organize this meaningful occasion for the Stockach community to share their stories through stories of Mes Aynak. 

Supporter-organized screenings like this makes the Saving Mes Aynak team see the engine behind our work. In 2017, we seek more opportunities than ever to show "Saving Mes Aynak" to Afghan citizens resettled across the globe!


Evangelical Community House, Tuttlingerstr. 2, Stockach, 78333 Germany

Friday, 26 May, 19:30 - 21:00