#SaveMesAynak Day - July 1st

#SaveMesAynak Day is finally here! On this day, we will unite in watching Saving Mes Aynak, and announce to the world that we believe in saving Mes Aynak, and in protecting culture, history, and human rights. The more noise we make, the more the Afghanistan government, Chinese State-owned mining company, and UNESCO will listen. Join us to make history! 

#SaveMesAynak Day on July 1 will spark worldwide protest, conversation, and action around Saving Mes Aynak, an award-winning documentary that exposes a Chinese company's plan to turn a 5,000 year-old archeological site in Afghanistan into a copper mine, destroying priceless Buddhist relics. Thousands of people will watch the film together worldwide.



Watch the film here on July 1 - #SaveMesAynak Day 

In Afghanistan? Watch for Free!

Watch the broadcast on Witness - Al Jazeera at 20 GMT on Al Jazeera English.



On #SaveMesAynak Day, we will be hosting an interactive Google Hangout On Air live event from 1:00 - 2:30pm US Central Time! Featured guests will be director Brent Huffman, Dr. Rajeev Kinra of Northwestern University, Stephen Carter of Global Witness-AfghanistanBuddhist artist Rima Fujita, and Kelly Krause of Heritage in Action. To watch, just follow this link! If there is something you want our esteemed panel to discuss, leave us a comment on the event page! 


#SaveMesAynak Day will launch a long-term educational campaign to reach as many people as we can. After the world watches the film together on July 1, director Brent E. Huffman hopes to travel to Kabul and present both the film and a petition of 100,000 signatures to President Ghani, his government, and to the people of Afghanistan. We plan to show the film to UNESCO officials, and the international community of those with the power to ensure this magnificent Buddhist archeological site is preserved. 

10% of all donations will go directly to the Afghan archeologists at the site to aid them in their efforts. 

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