Full Audio from the Carnegie Endowment Post-Screening Discussion and Q&A!

On September 15, 2015, we had the honor of screening Saving Mes Aynak at the world-renowned Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, one of the most important and influential think tanks in the world. Following the screening, Brent Huffman sat down for a discussion and Q&A with Carnegie's VP for Communications and Strategy Tom Carver, and journalist Hannah Bloch, who recently wrote the National Geographic article "Rescuing Mes Aynak". Embedded above is the full audio from that riveting post-screening discussion. 

As the situation surrounding Mes Aynak continues to worsen, screenings and discussions like this — that help to raise awareness and the profile of Mes Aynak in the public eye — are becoming increasingly important. The more we share the story of Mes Aynak, the better our chances of putting enough pressure on the Afghan government, UNESCO, and the Chinese-State owned mining company to do what NEEDS to be done to ensure that all of Mes Aynak — not just a few artifacts and scattered pictures on pages — is protected and preserved.