Special Holiday Broadcast on Al Jazeera America 12/24 & 12/26!

We are overjoyed to announce that Saving Mes Aynak will have a special holiday re-broadcast on Al Jazeera America on 12/24 (Christmas Eve) and 12/26 at 7pm EST! 

In the months following our initial broadcasts on Al Jazeera English & America this past July, Mes Aynak's profile in the public consciousness has risen exponentially. Our AJ broadcasts and appearances on CNN Amanpour, Huffington Post Live, and Voice of America (Pashto & Dari), along with screenings at renowned institutions like the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, have helped to shine a major light on this important archaeological treasure. Thought-provoking articles about Mes Aynak in National Geographic and reports by NPR have also been instrumental in raising awareness of Mes Aynak around the world. 

A beautiful shot of Mes Aynak and the surrounding countryside. Photo by Brent E. Huffman

A beautiful shot of Mes Aynak and the surrounding countryside. Photo by Brent E. Huffman

This broadcast couldn't be more timely, as Mes Aynak continues to be threatened by mining and looting. One of the great triumphs of the Saving Mes Aynak campaign was to push the Afghan government and the Chinese mining company to delay copper mining at the ancient site. But sadly some Afghan ministers and local officials are now pushing for destructive open-pit mining to begin as soon as possible. This mining would both permanently destroy the environment and the priceless cultural heritage at Mes Aynak. To have another opportunity to reach viewers around the world via the Al Jazeera broadcast, and potentially move them to action will go a long way in strengthening the pressure we can put on the Afghan government to rethink their position on Mes Aynak, and put in place the necessary protection of the site to stop looting.

We ask you to please tell your friends, family, and social networks about Mes Aynak, Saving Mes Aynak, and our upcoming Al Jazeera America broadcasts on December 24 & 26. If we all chip in together, we can accomplish something truly wonderful and #SaveMesAynak.