The Heroism of the Afghan Archaeologists at Mes Aynak

To preserve their cultural history, the Afghan archaeologists at Mes Aynak risk their lives everyday by working in areas full of landmines, and under constant death threat from the Taliban. Little money has been given to them, leaving them without necessary equipment like computers, cameras, chemicals, and months without pay. These brave archaeologists do whatever it takes to uncover and protect the priceless history found at Mes Aynak. Learn more about these sacrifices they make in this video, featuring footage from Saving Mes Aynak!

A portion of all donations to our ongoing Indiegogo campaign (ENDS JUNE 26th) go directly to these courageous Afghan archaeologists. If we reach our goal, that portion goes up to 20%! Please support our campaign to #SaveMesAynak, and also help the Mes Aynak archaeologists: