$5 Because You Care About Mes Aynak

If you are reading this, it’s because you care about Mes Aynak. If you could give just $5, I would reach my #SaveMesAynak campaign goal today. On July 1, all of us could join in watching the completed film and presenting the governments of Afghanistan, China, and UNESCO with a unified and undeniable voice that says: Mes Aynak must be preserved. Following that moment, I could offer this film for use in educating the entire world about the beauty of this 5,000 year-old jewel of human history, and in continued political pressure.


Already, it is working! Thanks to the movement you have helped me build around this film for 5 years, we are now seeing unprecedented positive developments happening at Mes Aynak. If you’ve already pledged support or spread the word, thank you. There is no doubt that your efforts helped make this happen!

If you have not given yet, please do now - even just $5. This is a critical moment, and we must take this chance to make the rest of the world take notice and bring this pressure to bear. Please help me use the power of documentary film and preserve the beauty of Mes Aynak.

The rest of the world is taking notice. The Guardian, Examiner, and The UK's Sunday Times have supported our goal of preserving Mes Aynak. In a huge breakthrough, Afghanistan’s Mine and Petroleum Minister Daud Shah Saba spoke out against the mining contract between Afghanistan and China, stating that its current form is NOT in the best interest of the country.

After the world watches the film together on July 1, I hope to travel to Kabul and present both the film and a petition of 100,000 signatures to President Ghani, his government, and to the people of Afghanistan. We plan to show the film to UNESCO officials, and the international community of those with the power to ensure this magnificent Buddhist archeological site is preserved.

But first, that power lies with us. Now, more than ever, I believe that together we WILL save Mes Aynak. Thanks for being part of this story.

Brent E. Huffman, Director, Saving Mes Aynak