Our thoughts and prayers are with AUAF

We are heartbroken to hear of last Wednesday's attack on the American University of Afghanistan campus. A student, going to school on a scholarship, lost his life on his second day at the university. Hundreds others were terrorized by two gunmen and an explosion--a nine-hour siege that took lives of at least 16 people, including eight students and two professors.

Located in the capital, American University of Afghanistan has been a safe haven for the best and brightest of the nation, remaining intact amid frequent attacks in Kabul; that is, until earlier this month, when two professors, an American and an Australian, were kidnapped. Their location is still unknown. Experts say AUAF has been a target for attacks because of its association with foreigners. The Saving Mes Aynak team had a chance to indirectly interact with the student body of American University of Afghanistan when we had a screening on campus last April. In fact, AUAF was the first university in Afghanistan to invite Saving Mes Aynak to screen on campus. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with AUAF. We are moved by the bravery and resilience of the community of AUAF and pledge to continue our work on Afghanistan.