Successful screening in Kabul!

Saving Mes Aynak had a packed screening with the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan earlier this month. We are grateful for the courageous audience that came to the screening despite risks. The organizers of this screening wrote an heartfelt recap of the film, voicing their criticism of the corrupt deal with MCC and unending destruction of the environment and heritage of Afghanistan. 

Afghan citizens in the U.S. extended their helping hand away from home to show the film to as many Afghans in Kabul as possible: Professor Khinjani at University of Montana's Defense Critical Language and Culture Program, who has long worked to teach girls and women in Afghanistan, helped spread the word to her connections in Kabul. Associates of the Afghanistan Project with the Oriental Institute, which Qadir has been invited to lead, also chipped in to spread the word.

Professor Shahrani at Indiana University shared the news with colleagues and friends at the American Institute of Afghanistan, Kabul’s Public Library, and other Afghan scholars excelling around the world. We appreciate sincere help and participation from the audience of the film and hope to be able to hold many more local screenings with Afghan citizens before the end of this year!